The Best Blackjack Cheats Used by Casinos

I've had a lot of people contact me over the years regarding the best blackjack cheats because they're interested in pulling one over on the casino, but I don't recommend them since they're illegal, immoral and may even lead to jail time. However, there are some illicit venues in Canada that may try to pull one over on you! Here, we'll take a look at some of the tactics used in casinos to get more money out of the players. Now, because so many establishments are carefully regulated these days, it's highly unlikely that you'll run into any of these things. In fact, in all of my years of playing, I've never been duped by a casino (that I know of, anyway).

The first thing that a dealer might try to do involves slipping an extra card onto the deck so that he or she can successfully complete a blackjack. This makes more money for the house in the long run and may even lead to a raise for the lucky individual. In some cases, you might be offered free drinks in hopes that your impairment will cause you to use poor judgment. I know that I've found myself imbibing a bit too much on occasion, so I've had to learn when I've had enough and when it's time to go home. Finally, and in what the immoral dealers call the 'ultimate' in the family of the best blackjack cheats, some will work to slip your chips into their own pockets while you aren't looking. Fortunately, most venues these days make use of security cameras to prevent things like this from happening.