Learn Blackjack Terminology and Expressions to Win More Often

If you are new to 21 and you want to check it out either online or in a land-based establishment, then it is important for you to understand the basic blackjack terminology that you are likely to hear. These expressions will let you know what is going on at all times.

When you are actually sitting at the table, blackjack terminology consists of words like hit, stand, bust, push, and split. "Hit" means you want to take another card while "stand" means that you wish to hold firm with the score you have. A "bust" occurs whenever either you or the dealer exceeds a score of 21 and this makes for an instant loss. A "push" is the same thing as a tie; you will receive any money you bet on a hand back in this case. "Split" refers to the act of placing a second wager to split a single hand into two, and "double" involves doubling your initial wager in exchange for one - and only one - more card.

Some of the lingo you are likely to hear outside of the table include card counting, 21, surrender, and perhaps even Heads-Up. Card counting is the act of using mathematical statistics to understand what is left in a deck and how this can impact you. 21 is simply another name for blackjack, and "surrender" means that you fold your hand in order to receive half of your wager back. Finally, "Heads-Up" is a variant in which you play with only the dealer with no one else at the table.

Finally, you will want to understand the words deck, house, hard and soft. A deck in blackjack consists of the traditional 52 cards and anywhere from one to eight may be used depending upon the establishment and the variation. The "house" is another word for the casino. Finally, "hard" and "soft" hands are those scored based upon the Ace. When an Ace is used as one point, it is considered a "soft" hand. If it is used as 11, then it is a "hard" hand.

Blackjack terminology isn't difficult to understand, but it can certainly give you an edge whenever you sit down to play. Learn all of these words so that you can feel confident and you are sure to win more often.