Learn To Play Free Double Attack Blackjack Online

Free Double Attack Blackjack online from Playtech is available with no download and no registration required, and this is why it is one of my absolute favorite choices when it comes to helping people who are new to this variant learn how to play. It differs from traditional 21 in that there is a pretty lucrative side bet that can be placed along the way. Individuals are also given the ability to double their initial wagers after viewing the dealer's up-card. This means that there are several potential ways to grab some extra cash!

The rules follow those of traditional 21 up until the point when the side bets are placed. Should you choose to double your wager after seeing the dealer's up-card, you'll be eligible for a payoff that is dependent on the number shown on the face of the third one you receive. If it is a 10, you'll get 3:1, if it's a 9, you'll get 6:1 and so on. However, if it is a six, you'll earn a substantial reward at 15 to 1. Now, in all my time with this title, I have yet to win that wager because the odds are stacked against me. I have won several other handsome pots, though, and I'm sure you will too once you've had a chance to learn exactly how things work here.

Something else to keep an eye on are the 8s in the dealer's hand. If there is already an 8 and the dealer receives another of the same color or suit that causes a bust, you'll get 50:1 for the same color or an outstanding 200:1 for the same suit! Of course, this is nothing when compared to the potential of the 'Bust It' wager which essentially means you're betting that the house is going to bust. The more cards the house has prior to that bust, the more you can win. For instance, if a bust occurs after only three, you'll receive 2:1. However, if that occurs after eight (which is insanely rare, I should add) then you'll get the highest payout in the entire free Double Attack Blackjack online game which is a highly lucrative 250:1.

When people are interested in learning a new variation of this timeless classic, free Double Attack Blackjack online is what I often recommend. The rules are pretty much the same; all that is different is the addition of some stakes that make things more interesting. The good news is that you won't have to make any kind of investment - in either your time or your money - just to try it out. You'll be able to simply navigate your web browser to a page, click the 'Play' button, and get started. Of course, in the event that you feel like you're ready to take on the real thing, you can always create an account at a real-money Playtech casino and make your deposit. No matter how much I spend on this pastime, I always return to these versions just so I can get the practice I need.