Blackjack's History

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Blackjack games have been creating a buzz around the gaming community because of its popularity among gamers. They are getting interested on playing different variants on several gaming platforms because of its easy gameplay, impressive interface, and exceptional rewards and bonuses. But before it gained its reputation as one of the most played games today, it was just a simple card game with minimal credits.

There are several accounts on the history of blackjack games. One of these accounts states that it rooted from French gaming pubs sometime in 1700. Back then, it was known as Vingt-et-Un, which means twenty one (21). Vingt-et-Un was believed to be derived from popular French card games of French Ferme and Chemin de Fer. These games are famous among table and card gamers back then.

Another account shares that it originated from Spain which was then regarded as the One and Thirty game. This game is almost similar with the current game mechanics. However, players must reach the total of 31 with the least number of cards on hand.

It was also accounted that this game originated from the Romans. They were believed to be playing this game with the use of numbered wooden blocks with different values. However, this theory is not completely recognized because it lacks supporting details and accounts. Though, it is believed that Romans before used to love table and card games.

Among these different accounts on the game's origin, Vingt-et-Un, also known as "21," gained its popularity through the years. It spread through several areas in North America during the French colonization on the region. It was later embraced by most North American gamers.

Game mechanics and gameplay back then were different from the modern game. Old version only permitted the dealers to double the wagers. Also, wagering happened between the dealt playing cards of the players.

The game was still called "21" when it reached and impacted people from Nevada in 1931, where wagering games were legalized first. To gain more visitors and players, game pubs offer special wagers and incentives to its interested players. One of the special wagers is when a player's hand has either of the black jacks (combination of the Jack of Spades or of Clubs) and the Ace of Spades, player's wager has a chance to have a 10-to-1 odds on payouts.

Gaming pubs later dropped this special payout offer, but carried the name to what the game is known today.

History of blackjack has gained its popularity over the years and now continues on developing further games to cater more online and mobile gamers on today's generation.