Pertinent Blackjack Rules for the Player

A big part of learning how to make money with 21 involves learning basic blackjack rules for the player. It all starts with learning the objective and what it takes to win. In getting started, you'll place your bet and wait as the dealer hands out two cards to each person, including himself. Both of the player's cards are face up while one of the dealer's is face down. The goal is to create a hand that beats the dealer without going over a total of 21. Aces can be worth one or 11 points, 10s and face cards are worth 10, and 2s through 9s are worth the number of points shown on their faces. You'll be able to 'hit', or take more cards, if you want to improve your hand. If you're satisfied with the total, you can also stand, or stop taking new cards. Once everyone is finished, those who have beaten the dealer win a payout.

Something else that I've found is that people who have a hard time understanding the rules - particularly when it comes to surrendering, taking insurance, doubling down and splitting - are the ones who lose the most money and walk away feeling frustrated. When I first try a table at a brand new establishment, I always take the time to read through everything so that I understand what is allowed and what is not. For instance, while one venue might let you split any pair at all, others may require that the pair be two cards of the same value.